Hi there, I'm Carmen



In 2019, I co-founded Cards of Care, a project that spreads joy and kindness through hand-written notes. After learning an average of 60-percent of folks in need of mental health services do not receive treatment, I realized there is much more work to be done, which is why a portion of WholeCarded sales are donated to mental healthcare organizations. 

But I also want to solve another problem; I live hundreds of miles away from my family and several of my closest friends. This means I send a lot of cards in the mail. I am constantly  scrambling, running to the store to pick out a card, trying to find a stamp, etc. To remedy this problem, WholeCarded doesn't just sell individual cards — we sell the whole package. Our Whole Card Kits ensure you'll always have everything you need to send a card to someone on your mind. 

It is my hope that WholeCarded helps you send more happy mail. And while your card brightens the day of your loved one, it also helps provide mental health services for someone in need. And that is something you can feel wholehearted about.


Every WholeCarded purchase is an investment in someone else’s well being. Ten-percent of sales goes directly to organizations that provide mental health services. We have partnered with The Refuge Center, a counseling center located in Franklin, Tennessee. In the interest of making mental healthcare more accessible to all, The Refuge Center provides services on a sliding scale (about 82-percent of their clients receive sliding scale fees, and 14-percent are below the poverty line). The Refuge Center also offers a training program that equips mental health professionals to provide services to patients across the country. WholeCarded is honored to be a part of their impactful work.